Imbued in the attrition, Misogyny.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war rise up against me, yet I will be confident.” (Psalm 27: 1, 3) 
She wakes up to the strident wail of the ambulance, a pandemonium of doctors lie in the vicinity, her eyes unable to endure, the pain, the agony. The Struggle stops with a silence, she begs. Does it?
Walking down the rainy street, her thoughts cobble in her mind, she has a lot to do, a lot to plan, a lot to ruminate; Career, the marriage day after tomorrow, family, as she treads along the dark path, not on it, a shadow from the corner clutches her arm, full of hate and utterly unyielding, there stood the malaise, with lambasting notoriety in their eyes, pushed her around, play with the mind with no remorse, her fighting back means nothing, her tears spate the eyes but he did not stop for that was not anything but a waste for him.
Pillaged her, berated her with brazen madness and complete disregard for humanity, furnished their insane desires , laughing at her lament cries for it was a dulcet to their irrational, ill-minds and left her to die. No more the career, no more the marriage, no more. Tattered her clothes, her everything. Embracing her death, rather begging to god for it, passes out. She wakes up to the strident wail of the ambulance, a pandemonium of doctors lie in the vicinity, her eyes unable to endure, the pain, the agony. 
The Struggle stops with a silence, she hopes, she begs. DOES’NT it? Might sound rhetorical, for the shamelessness in our psyche drive us so far as to tell us that we don’t have an answer so it does not constitute as a question. What happens to the rape victim? What happens to her? This is not an article but a question. A question not for the infamous section 377 of the Penal Code penalising “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”, not a harangue, pedagogue and not most certainly a demagogue, but for the simple human.

Post-witnessing Yael Farber’s ‘Fearless’ in the Edinburgh Fringe i’ve heard people mourning, rather inveighling about the society, about the reforms, about everything. Instead of such benign neglect we should try to perform our duties as citizens, as officers, as ministers. We strive in a world where people discuss about the problem, fight to a certain extent and forget about it, and its is justified, we all have lives. We are not Gods, we most certainly cannot act like one but rather perform our duties, for one , be a human. On a recent date in the past, chewing my gum with loud ear drilling metal track in my ears, i reach my front gate, ignorant of the world, i spat the gum and went inside, as i turned to close the gate i saw a little five year old girl, picking up my gum and eating it. For the hunger would kill her, but the frugality in her expenses would’nt let her have it, i quickly rushed and got her all the Gums and Candies i had in my pockets. Little did i know that she would be beaten ruthlessly for taking that from me, not her brother, but she. We live in a world where we fight for the rights we violate. We don’t perform our duties and comment on others’. Asked by a periodical, Japjit Kaur, An actor in the “Fearless”, Why she wanted to take on the role, her response was simple and powerful, “This is urgent work.”.
This isn’t particularly about the most serious, heinous crimes, why is rape not the cause of depraved low morality? A minute hatred such as that experienced by that child constitutes well enough to be condemn in it’s initial stage.
Misogyny prevails everywhere, even within us, equality and sincerity to duty is an imperative for the cure. Instead of talking about it. we should simply conduct what’s urgent and end up forming an organized, safe and less hostile country. Misogyny is one such act, rape, discrimination, all constitute in it and because we are too busy to lax and harass a so-called “weaker” sex, its a war without a cause. Our duties and respect for the opposite sex, which would be determined by the reader itself, is an imperative. Our duty is the weapon. This war against ourselves must be won.
And some may excuse themselves by saying “Only dead have seen the end of war”, but then again, Plato was just a man.

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