That governing little toddler.

Verse (5:32) sūrat l-māidah (The Table spread with Food): Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.

But what of the mercy? What of the humanity that has been subverted and into the gaping hole of lost, abandoned virtues? Yet another?

There was the child, now merely a languished carcass. A scavenging avian feathering away the dust from the body, scalping off the eye from the socket and flying off away from the emerald intoxicated atmosphere, the dismemberment of my arms did allow my body to crawl and ingress near the body of my child, I wanted to rest there, but they wouldn’t let me.

It was just another day when the Al-bashar coup was in alliance and war agitated in the vicinity, the whole country. As the cheap burnt orange coloured whiskey trickled down my throat barely, it ignited my fretful mind like a kiln as it catches the wood, reminiscing me of the war, my family, my son, all’s what left of my family, the revolt in our minds steams out like the ire of the steam in a kettle. I gave the change I received from the innkeeper to my son, to fulfill the that amiable child curiosity. It was time to go home, what was left of it anyway, barely had I put down the magnetic bottle of ‘my aid to the escapist tendency’. I walked out the door, Concomitant to my first step outside the bar was a push from the army personnel yelling with the strident army charisma about the alley being a part of a bullet storm and extremely dangerous; I took a step back but spontaneously pushed away the man as I saw my child go, they are unaware, of the war, politics, devils, I took cover behind an APC unaware of what would follow and last I remember was a terrible hoarse of a plane dropping something above us, knocked out.

I woke up to the macabre. Their fire and blood emanating from both artilleries and the bodies, the sovereign dust of my land in my throat woke me up, I coughed it all out and pulled myself away from the snarky puddle of blood. Deafened by the now promulgated war sound, all I could feel were the cardinal thumps of my heart. I could see a tattered limb, cruelly clutched off from the body and horror struck my mind as I saw the muddled pennies near it. I pushed myself with the legs away from the tanks and slightly the crescendo of war wails and police sirens returned to me like the prodigal son after the war. Pushing my body and my heart to live a second more I pushed my debilitated body. Was it true? What I witnessed? I didn’t wanted to but denial couldn’t consume me. It was. Lips couldn’t bite themselves more, the outburst of cries weren’t enough, the bullying emotion of mad fury and insane sorrow had taken over me. There was the child, now merely a languished carcass, a scavenging avian feathering away the dust from the body and scalping off the eye socket and flying off away from the emerald intoxicated atmosphere, the dismemberment of my arms did allow my body to crawl and ingress near the body of my child, I wanted to rest there, but they wouldn’t let me.


On December 17, 2010, With the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Egypt took place the inception of The Arab Spring. Some say 110,000 died, some may speculate “ONLY” 1500, died. While the shamelessness of human demeanour and character has pushed us as low as to dare such words to be uttered out of our mouth, This article is not a finger pointing but instead fist on the face to show how the leaders of today are politically cheap, internationally divisive, morally hollow and most importantly, humanly pathetic. How today, snatching a gun off from the hands of a murderous wretch is enough to let yourself sleep in the night, how geo-political location and oil are more important than the blood of our own kind. This is not to show how much a pathetic, diseased-trodden ill minds of world leaders are. They already are in complete cognizance with it. They know the sin and insist on pushing themselves unto committing it again.

How the world’s most powerful leader was spanked by Mr. Putin in order to be rectified that their “Governance of the little intransigent toddler” wouldn’t work here. How selfish and self-centered are such people who spill pretentious taradiddle called Humanity [21st century definition] and demean it. How just for the sake of bulwarking the words spoken by Mr. Obama, he proclaimed a war when the real intention of geo-political positioning was marred by the Russian insurgency via Mediterranean Sea. And how, we, in such contemptuous boldness, forget about the land which is still plagued by death, by war, by insanity and how we forgot the people still being killed for we are not so un-informative that we don’t know the other ways of killing besides “Chemical Weapons.”. How we tried to accuse “Syrian Government” for the violation of Geneva Protocol ’28 Treaty and cross border Anti-Chemical Weapons treaty, but couldn’t simply save the millions of innocents, weak, victims of physical and mental attrition just by calling it “Crimes against humanity” and saving lives.

Instead Barack Hussain Obama, and governing little toddlers like him across the world who like to spit on someone else’s orange juice simply took the weapons, took a pretentious pat from the “tea party” savages and forgot about the humans still being killed? How instead of an aid in the coup d’état of Egypt, which in fact was a rebellion, they took their $1.5 billion back. How to put a blind eye where families are being killed, their privacy and rights being pillaged, forayed, impinged and their lives encroached? This is not to berate, excoriate or to heave a lampoon towards other countries but us, everyone, how we forget other humans who are still being shot at and living in hostile surroundings, scant supplies and no help. How they still fight almost in vain at the face of hopelessness. Almost. How the world has abandoned them all to their death, to such insufferable eternal hell, and giving true meaning to it, for what haunts the most about Hell is that it’s never ending because as you read this symposia, know that somewhere someone is being killed and lamenting the death of a loved one and someone somewhere in their cradle, is trying to shove dictation down the throat.

And if such is the definition and conduction of humanity and ‘care’, then Hilter is better, for whatever he was but not cruel and pretentious. I was told an idiot is a person who lies to her/himself, with that due regard, Hitler, Osama and every other man slaughtering “inhuman” person was the most kind and compassionate and smart human ever. And we all can speculate from the definition about the 21st Century leaders and the idiocy. One’s Religion, Stubbornness, Ego, Creed, Hegemonic/Monopolistic attitude doesn’t makes one an idolatrous figure. And even if it does, it’s a sham when you forget those “1500” people who died before your sleep and call yourself human. Humanity in true sense, is real enough.


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