Chicken Soup for the Insecure.

Media. Journalism. Realism.
Such words are the last serenade to the hopes when we’re on the downs in the vicissitudes of life. 
Journalism is a method of inquiry and literary style used in social and cultural representation. It serves the purpose of playing the role of a public service machinery in the dissemination and analysis of news and information. Journalistic integrity is based on the principles of truth, accuracy and factual knowledge.

We reside in an asphyxiating world which slowly is getting characterized by repetitive diminutives. Where legends, or so i opine, like Julian Assange make words like “dereliction” as non-existential to the columnists of present world. To certain other kind, the governing little toddlers, world is different.


In the recent editorials of “The Washington Post” and a Chinese editorial, which upon, witnessing potential the ‘threat’ or whatever the logical interpretation of their intellect might fuel them, the progress in this certain demarcation of the world, India has made them to comment on India’s space program as an “iniquitous” act towards poor?

And while some of the big shots of journalistic world self-deprecate the quality of their critical analysis by mocking India’s extremely brilliant frugal approach as an “economic wastrel”, What they fail to discover is the mission successfully was conducted under 1/10 of the ISRO budget. 
Where was the scrutiny when AGNI-V launched? So the journals are supposed to mock the Indian conduction/allocation of budget when we open a can of space whoop-ass over the other countries?

So it has come down to this that the people will “criticize” ONLY when we introduce pioneer methodology of something better? Has not the world become a cesspool of insecurity? and if so then Jack Canfield should seriously be required to publish a certain “Chicken Soup for the insecure soul”!
Something which such malaise-stricken editors require.

That’s just outright jealousy over something you desperately covet. Spitting on someone’s orange juice because you can’t have it or recalcitrant attitude towards your “mummy” for she wouldn’t allow you to play on your Play station like the neighbour’s mom does.

Such media, including and especially ones with the repute and repartee like that of The Washington Post desecrate the very sanctity of the word “Journalism” for they’re “critical interrogation” is merely a Machiavellian vagary of their a simple subterfuge to condescend other’s progress. Should such media be allowed to flourish? Flourish and compete in a world where journalistic doyen like The Hindu prosper? And let such pretentious tara-diddle promulgated into international media? 
The question arise because we originate from a certain balkanized area of the world is not by gibing, scoffing or pulling down the others, where we give second chance to strident, discordant ones no matter they don’t ‘deserve’ one or any.

Because even though the unsuccessful launch attempts of AGNI-V were unscathed and unfettered by the world media and though it was NOT a waste of money, but an expedition to Mars with much lower budget sure is. 

As once as fine man said, “A man who goes into a restaurant and blatantly disrespects the servers shows a strong discontent with his own being. Deep down he knows that restaurant service is the closest thing he will ever experience to being served like a king.”.


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