Godzilla [2014]

“Watching Godzilla 2014” is the new opposite of “watching paint dry”.


This really stands on its shoulder to be the best monster movie of all time.
What happens when you churn Star trek and Star Wars?
Or an amalgam of Spartacus and 300?

What you get is a millionth of how cool is it to see a Shinomura getting tail whipped like the Thor home-running a bowling ball.
Screw King Ghidora, Monster X and even Kaijus from the past, Godzilla, truly earns his reign of the Alpha Predator Daikaiju.

Since, the inception of the movie as the credits begin, amazing tapes- a stellar recreation of 1956 scenes and amalgam of past works roll in.
The movie has an exciting cast for the two scientists, the relevant ones anyways, starting screenplay, as a prose, at times prolix, continues to flow, respecting the background information and a heads up to the casual audience. From the radiation infested southern sea near Japan [or is it not infested, GO WATCH?] to spectacular presentation and revelations of sequences keep you awe-astounded.

Godzilla is perfect, he is 50 years older [50 Million + 50] and has digested further radiation which also serves as a satire to the present world, as the sudden rise in the dissemination of radiation waste, from acerbic nose thumps to the unending-war growls, Godzilla is all in for grandiloquence and fanfaronade. Details on the face, expressive actions, amazing presentation and brilliant brilliant back bone scaling, makes Gojira diversified. And well, we can’t forget the tail.

Godzilla is not your regular monster, the dude/sir even amplifies the respect and obesiance in the viewers’ eyes, and this is where the movie acts as an aberration to the 1998’s sorry-excuse-of-an-IceCream-truck-Godzilla, he is huge, wise, and much more badass, enough to qualify Heisenberg as a civilian, res ipsa loquitur.


The story is brilliant and anyone who hasn’t seen the movie till yet should read Godzilla:Awakening to be further psyched.
As for the presentation and screenplay, at times jaw-dropping and a few times anguishing, the fragmented presentation of Godzilla makes you chomp your seat for the next appearance and at-times kazillion times frustrated like a straight nympho caught in a gay parade because you need MORE of the Daikaiju.

Godzilla is not a random monster, he isn’t exactly a saviour either, and no, he is not your regular Spiderman, it is a satire and a godly creature, living long enough to get wise enough, because Darwin and Theory of Evolution, the movie offers the viewer and the creature itself, the respect and a super-hero qualification it deserves.


Everything said, you need to watch the damn movie, because in 1954, we awakened something and it’s dying for attention ever since.


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