An Open Letter to Men on the Hills

An Open Letter to CM Uttrakhand- Virbhadra Singh & CM Himachal Pradesh- Harish Rawat

My deepest regards to the demise of your fashion statements, the cap is too mainstream, Virbhadra ji, but irrelevant as it may be, I intend to contend my views upon the quagmire of frequent accidents and no measures or incentives taken to reflect any sense of alarm in your incumbencies, so less important than the cap as it may seem I beg to converse upon the accidents and their frequency in Uttrakhand & H.P.

Uttrakhand & Himachal Pradesh are beautiful and awe astounding places, the beautiful rivers, tall mountains, exemplary job by the creator. But complimentary with beauty has the danger. It’s prone to landslides, Floods, inundations and various other deleterious “act of god”, which not much to be deduced or astutely observed as it’s been up on the nature’s wrath way too frequently to be ignored, whilst I’m not implying you to thwart the emanations of such catastrophes, that’s universe, but Mr. Virbhadra Singh and Mr. Harish Rawat, given the fragility of the civilization in such states where tempest “act of god” occurs so frequently why is there not a constant check about the state of roads, dams, buildings and/ or any form or structure or edifice.


Bus accidentally slides and barges into a tributary.

Bus accidentally slides and barges into the tributary.

Students die in dams that fail to alarm the warning hooters before strewing the water, “allegedly”, people die in bus accidents because the vocational Police on the mountain regions fail to comply and in fact, conduct “tire chain” rules, the inundated areas are constantly lackadaisical of the basic amenities that are pre-requisite to an aftermath while you’re playing babe in the woods on the incumbent furniture.

Your chairs, sirs, isn’t a piece of glorious figurative furniture, it is a responsibility, which comes with your duty in concomitance to our prerogative. Another two die in a bus accident where the bus slid off the road, and that is the daily yawn of 2014 as bus accidents continue to remain utterly predicted throughout.


Not further elongating the matter i urge you to follow what i implore you in the letter you’re never going to read, in a special circumstance, of any nature, we require stern measures as urgency demands a catalyst. Roads need to have warnings and regular checks for tire chains, the river bodies should at least have two barges and a cement lining with no certain crevices, which is pretty much possible to construct given the state of economy in the state. Other formulations of exhorts should be a top priority as advisors are seriously getting good at swatting flies.


People die every day, nothing to freak out about, sirs, but this just doesn’t help the population growth quandary of the nation, that is some other matter, I implore not the ones I’m addressing to because they’re busy looking away, but also the ones I’m not addressing to: common people. The ones who die on school trips or commuting for simple reasons that somewhere between the lines in some print media’s Newspaper.
To not be blind towards your own safety, caution where discernible should be practiced, this latter is just ire when I see M Kiran Kumar’s bravado in saving four fellow students in the face of death.

The "Missing" hero M Kiran Kumar

The “Missing” hero M Kiran Kumar [Click to view]



Watch Dogs Review [2014]

The following content has been rated for PS3 and not PC.

Watch Dogs is a good, fun game to play, which technically is an amalgam of some other fine games with an ubiquitous AC style Missions and presentation, especially the Assassin’s Creed’s touch.
The game has till date, the best cop chase mechanics and what you can do to deter the cops from chasing you down.Amazing bridge pull-ups, steam pipes is amazing with beautiful smoke popping out.


Graphics isn’t much but the way smoke pops out is amazing. Check PC for graphics.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the very few things you’ll have something to recall and love alongside the living, breathing Chicago.With Dump truck vehicle mechanics and sloppy cover system, the game at times crosses the boundaries being more pain than pleasure.Story is slow and utterly clichéd but you don’t pretty much require one.
It’s a grey hat hacker taking his revenge on the people and ultimately, the system.

Graphics for PS3 is near-Saints Row, below average for its time and well I didn’t care much, the graphics weren’t taken much into consideration as console gaming was the purview.
What pissed me off were intermittent graphic glitches at times but, well, in comparision to the utterly loathesome story progression, it’s bearable.
Gameplay is not extremely fine in quality but it’s super fun and all the credit goes to Jesus’ cellphone!
From Bridges to personal conversation, hack anywhere, everywhere. It’s so fun to mess around for hours that the story mode and campaign missions become a unavoidable pain-in-the-ass, like the asshole with popcorn next to you on a friday night release of a movie.

Mobile's the only center of attraction with a massive magnetic pull though.

Mobile’s the only center of attraction with a massive magnetic pull though.

All in all, Watch Dogs is an innocent lamb caught in the ire of stupid fanboys giving it the hype it never wanted proving yet again that some people have the smart IQ of a single digit. It’s a lot of things, the game, a surveillance satire, a patience test at times and occassional frenzy at times, but not the whole package.
It’s nowhere near GTA V, and how can I compare? Because as a gamer who likes going in with guns blazing and plotting stealth approach equally, I liked GTA V way more than Watch Dogs.
Having said all that, it sure is a different experience.