Rape In My City

On 17th of July, Bill Clinton sanctified the soil of Lucknow, our very own Constantinople of the East by his presence, his vehement international congregation to eradicate “educational backwardness” was followed by an extremely strong beleaguering of the Jabroli village, Mohanlalganj Area by Uttar Pradesh Police Force.

Sounds exquisite, doesn’t it? The aroma of fresh & intricate argots describing world’s bureaucratic demeanour? Like the front page of a brilliantly snobby newspaper. Well, what wouldn’t sound like a dulcet to your ears is a sound of a widow begging men to stop lacerating her vaginal area with a baton or the sound of her intestines eviscerating out or so could be the only excuse for the Police reporting 2 hours late to such a gruesome and severely atrocious brazen crime.
Her intestines. Her. A female. And or a rape. Seem to complimentary and complementary to some.

On 17th of July, as Bill Clinton was ostensibly or apparently for that matter canvassing for the betterment of Indian Education, a widow mother of two children was raped, defiled, murdered, desecrated… Pulverized, 8 kilometers away from where the Clinton synagogue occurred. What happened to her may put Nirbhaya Case to a shame, what happened in Lucknow may supersede Delhi in its vile impurity.

Somewhere between the advertisements of Amul Macho and Barnala Cement did I see the breaking report of a woman’s body found by the villagers of Balsinkheda,
Lucknow. Clinch your fists, Grind your teeth, vituperate the fine gentlemen who did this, go back to whatever errand the almighty has ‘chosen’ you for and move on is what we do, but a Rape in your city is different, a Rape in your city also demands “He Bhagwaan, Itna baar gaya/gayi hu uss road se” [Oh lord, so many times I’ve been on that road], irrationally as I went ahead, packing my bag and grabbing a notepad to report what really did occur there, I commute once again on that road.
Indian men specialize and insist upon decorating and embellishing their victims or ‘co-Asked-for-it” by crossing every limit of sanity by disemboweling the victims’ intestines using a well-equipped inventory of Baton, Knife, Rods.

As I reach to the gate of the school in the village, yes a school, where the woman was raped I see a blood-trail atleast as long as 40 meters, pieces of clothes everywhere, a little Kurta here, a little undergarment there which is absolutely common for the Police cracking jokes at the crime-site. Pushing the hordes of people I see a blooded baton with flesh upon it a classroom and a corridor where no one treads, restricted.

What happened in a nutshell, was the lady was abducted in a car, taken to the remote school area that displays a pre-delibration and planning of the crime, as she tried to struggle, the clothes were torn off the she was repeatedly stabbed with the knife and dragged naked for about 50 meters where she was taken to a bench outside a classroom, held like a rabid-dog about to be put out of misery and shown what humans are, misery began as she was raped by taking turns, hit with a Lathi as she begged in the name of God, Allah, Bhagwan, Wahe-Guru, I’ll not go deep into it, as religion could cause rape just like cellphones or chowmein, only to be shoved a baton in the vaginal area that was twisted repeatedly, anally too if you may and taken into the classroom, raped again and left to be bled out from the twelve wounds she had.

As the crescendo of wails, deviant chortles, brazen laughs and uninformed humming of how unfortunate she was passed me, I went back only to see the most prudent people acting wise with the single digit IQ and a mind as open as a Snailshell and staying away.
The Rape in my city happened because the Police, one kilometer away let it happen, because the government let it happened, because somewhere you and I let it happen when we endure the small amendments we can allow upon ourselves.

Rape in my city is nothing but just another rape with seriously ill comments. Rape is only affected by its gravity and victims not geographical demarcations.

As for me, I saw something yesterday that took something that’ll never give it back. My ignorance.


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