About the Orod

Orod, The God of logic, resides in each of us, and thence, asks us to act in utmost regard of it.

The blog is simply a Philosophical tribute/aspect to the recent mishaps or fortunate events, depends on the perspective of the user.

We, are all endowed with logic and the intellect to choose what’s right and since everything is relative, the intellect to decide what’s right and wrong but yet, from our daily routines to some extremely volatile judgement, we perhaps, due to lack of patience, regard, lack of experience or guidance, end up in creating a sundry of memories, many of them being our wrong doings.
This page is rid of the malaise. Malaise of religion, creed, caste, gender, colour, region and other symptoms of “Insecurity”.

We here preach Logic. We here preach Orod, Us, the imperfect gods of logic.


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